[Skin] YouTube Skin For PotPlayer by oclambo

      22 Comments on [Skin] YouTube Skin For PotPlayer by oclambo


Interesting skin for Daum Potplayer, which was created in the style of the famous video service YouTube
There are 6 versions:


youtube_skin_for_potplayer_by_oclambo-d5qohnm (2.2 Mb)

22 comments on “[Skin] YouTube Skin For PotPlayer by oclambo

  1. Kirage78

    When I listen to music while using this skin, the window size resizes after every song, and i cannot find any setting to prevent this to happen.

  2. Mili

    It is just funky becuase it doesn’t show upBut all you have to do is click on a radonm spot and the page will appear.Dunno why.BTW just found you site from a link on Pitchfork and I am incredibly impressed. Thanks for running this!

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  6. Ellen Norcross

    I have been a Pot Player cheer leader since the first day I used it. I love the YT skins but I was wondering if you could show screen shots of the different version?
    Thank you

  7. Juniven D. Saavedra

    Thank you very much. Over the years I’ve been using PotPlayer with your created youtube skin. Thanks Again Cheers. 😀


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