[Skin] thesimplething v2.0 by flydonkey

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PotPlayer Skin theSimpleThing 2.0

Meet! The second version of the beautiful skins from flydonkey to PotPlayer
In the archives there are several versions of these skins


potplayer_skin__thesimplething_2_0_by_flydonkey-d7cd80g (800 Kb)

23 comments on “[Skin] thesimplething v2.0 by flydonkey

  1. Some Guy

    hi .
    1. how can i change transparency of the play an pause menu like in the image ?
    2. how can i disable the visual screen ? when i disable the visual and the display album art , the potplayer logo shows how can i remove the logo too ? i just want the play and stop menu to show nothing else .

  2. Alex

    To enable transparency controls (as in the screenshots), you need to go:
    Right-clicking on player -> Skins -> On Screen Control -> use “Direct 3D” or “Layered Window” at choice, works well with both, but “Direct 3D” will be better.

    Logo is disabled in skins.


    Чтобы включить полупрозрачность (как на скринах), нужно сделать следующее:
    Кликаешь правой кнопкой по плееру -> Скины -> Полупрозрачные элементы управления -> выбираешь “Direct 3D” или “Layered Window”, в обоих режимах работает нормально, но лучше Direct 3D.

    Лого отключается там же в скинах.

  3. ViTaRga

    Отличный скин, особенно понравился без рамок и с прозрачным меню.

  4. DaRviN

    Wau this skin is a masterpiece.. Has its flaws, I was unable to fix like playlist stays black however other than that its super great and minimalistic.. I know I sound like a little god damn fanboy kid right now, however this skin is 99% exactly what I always wanted for PotPlayer.. Thanks many times

  5. Parsie

    Absolutely wonderful skin. It has one bug, though. When I use the “next” or “prev” buttons in the skin to jump to next video, the whole skin and buttons disappear. Do you know how I can fix it? I really love to use the skin.

    PS: Is there a way to add the “equalizer” to the side buttons? I use equalizer a lot and I wondered if I could implement the button into the skin.

  6. snowp

    Tried several skins, this one is the best! Thank you!
    (@ thankyou Alex in the comment section for teaching how to enable transparency controls

  7. sandeep

    hello i liked this theme.can i change the colour of the buttons and progress bar maintaining same transparency like progress bar of netflix.
    please suggest.
    i mean can i change color of white progress bar there in this simple thing theme

  8. rvmasengi

    Awesome, wonderful skin!
    I love this skin very much. Unfortunately I notice some errors about incorrect window size when i start up the program or when i resize it to some sizes.
    Could you fix it? Thank you very much.

  9. atlasyy

    i love this skin but it will oftenly bug started at 16/4/2020 and show”unhandled exception occurred”
    if using the default skin, its 100% worked

  10. DustinWin

    This skin is the best I have ever used. But there is a bug, when I drag the window, the window will jump first and then follow the mouse instead of directly following the mouse.

  11. Peter Goezinya

    Doesn’t work. Throws some error msg talking about XML errors.

    code=’XML version=’1.0′


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