[Skin] Slemiro by oclambo

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Meet, by a new minimalist skins for Daum PotPlayer. For such a short time, this skin is gained immense popularity.





slemiro_for_potplayer_by_oclambo-d8dgdhu (230 Kb)

4 comments on “[Skin] Slemiro by oclambo

  1. akzi

    no tittle in autohiden bar on top. no repeate button on panel. black clear places on high and down on the hidden panels places.

    so built in skin even better(

  2. RenzXVI

    This is the best skin on the website and I’ve literally tried every skin on this website. I just have one problem, can’t this skin be dragged? I can’t move PotPlayer to a different position on my screen.

    The only solution is to resize the player and land it where I want it, but that is a big hassle and would mess up the aspect ratio of what I am playing so I have to be careful in resizing it which is another hassle.

    Can you please make the blank parts of the skin draggable?


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