[Skin] Simplify Dark & Light

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Meet the new skins presented in two colors: dark and light.



simplify_dark_for_potplayer_by_dpcdpc11-d80vkoo (280 Kb)

simplify_light_for_potplayer_by_dpcdpc11-d81g2um (280 Kb)

7 comments on “[Skin] Simplify Dark & Light

  1. Greg R.

    Wonderfully simple as you could want. Not dark & heavy like soo many, but easy on the eyes, plus only a ‘touch’ of dark (borders & fonts) makes it perfect! Great work:-)

  2. Greg R.

    Wonderfully simple as you would want. Easy on the eyes–not dark/heavy like soo many–with a perfect minimal dash of dark (borders & playlist fonts, of course, for easy, relaxed viewing. Lovely work!

  3. Greg R.

    (Admin., my apology. First post (Love Daum’s potplayer, didn’t mean to post twice:-o May you please delete the first one?? Thank you, Won’t happen again 😐 – Greg)

  4. Jo Hill

    Latest update to PotPlayer broke this wonderful skin 🙁 The video navigation bar is too short 🙁
    Please fix it!


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