[Skin] Potplayer sable v1 by dlind87

      6 Comments on [Skin] Potplayer sable v1 by dlind87


Simple and very comfortable skin for Daum Potpler. Author: dlind87


potplayer_sable_v1_by_dlind87-d3ip98n (250 Kb)

6 comments on “[Skin] Potplayer sable v1 by dlind87

  1. Sultan

    Borderless skin good, But why No Minimize, Miximize, Close Button………… plz fix/included them….. ofcourse in the upper right corner transperent and short faded button.

    1. Jam99

      Yes I’m with Sultan. real shame there s no Minimize, Miximize, Close Buttons in the usual position up the top right.
      Otherwise the most attratie skin out of the whiole selection, but unfortunately not practical to use with missing buttons.
      Thank you to author dlind87!


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