[Skin] dark skin english

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The skin for Potplayer made ??in dark colors. Author: boideboi-d4a5hdl




7 comments on “[Skin] dark skin english

  1. dosfox

    Thank you for a beautiful & useful skin. Right/left clicks on many controls is a very efficient function!

    Tooltips for audio skin are still in korean(?), any chance of an update?

  2. Max

    I love this skin and have used it always. windows 10 released some sort of flash update and now potplayer will not launch. i reinstalled it and now it works ok but when trying to reselect this skin (and a couple others) it just crashes. any idea how to fix this? I will only use this skin so it kinda sucks this is happening.i tried getting rid of the flash update but theres no way to.

  3. Kieran

    Hi there. This Skin is awesome, but I have one problem. I’ve noticed that the blue bar that doesn’t match up to where the movie is actually playing; it is behind, which is quite irritating when trying to seek to a specific part of a video. If anyone has a fix, I would be very appreciative.

  4. Storm

    HeT.ollhanks for your interest in Internet Archive. If you can tell us specifically which collection (and a link address to it if you have it) you are have trouble accessing we may be able to help. Please address your reply with this information to .Best, Jeff

  5. Michael

    I notice that it’s hard to move the screen with this skin.
    Usually I go on top left, next to the file name and click to move the screen but with this skin, it doesn’t seem to work.
    Only the bottom left corner of the screen can move the screen.


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