PotPlayer 220831 — x86/x64 Stable

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Hi all. At the beginning of autumn, the developers released a new update to our favorite player. Now it will get even better. In this update, all the bugs found that were made during the release of the previous update were fixed. Therefore, carefully read the list of changes and you may find the error that bothered you.


  • Fixed an issue where there was no sound when playing certain MP4 files
  • Fixed an error that occurred when playing certain files
  • Fixed the problem of slow playback when playing for the first time
  • Improved stability when using DXVA

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18 comments on “PotPlayer 220831 — x86/x64 Stable

  1. drift boss

    All of the bugs that were found when the last update came out were fixed in this update. So, carefully read the list of changes, and the mistake that was bothering you may be there.

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