PotPlayer 201209 — x86/x64 Stable

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We’ve been waiting for this update for over two months and now it’s out. 4 new features were added in this update. In addition, 4 bugs were fixed. You can find a detailed list of changes and improvements below:


  • Added the ability to customize context menu
  • Added AV1 codec support into CUDA/QuickSync Video Decoder
  • Added pixel shader setting tab into preferences
  • Added the ability to view context menu items with their skin CmdIDs

[Fixed and Edit]

  • Fixed a problem that caused to malfunction with deleting a bookmark in bookmark editor
  • Improved output speed of custom menu
  • Some fixes to make the program run faster at startup
  • Fixed a problem that no sound while playing some MKV files

Download 201209 

2 comments on “PotPlayer 201209 — x86/x64 Stable

  1. Kenny

    With the release of version 201209, I seem to have lost the ability to keep the video on top of other windows. Can you tell me where to re-apply that setting, or was that functionality removed?


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