PotPlayer 201021 — x86/x64 Stable

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In the version of PotPlayer 201021, one new update appeared – (Added the ability to batch edit time in bookmark editing), and the developers also fixed more than 10 important errors. You can see the full list of changes below:


  • + Added the ability to batch edit time in bookmark editing

[Fixed and Edit]

  • Fixed a problem where color was abnormal when playing HDR HLG video
  • Fixed a problem where video capture screen was abnormal when using 10-bit output
  • Fixed a problem that CPU usage was high when using LayeredWindow skin
  • Fixed an issue that total time was recognized as 0 when playing a specific MKV file
  • Fixed a problem that bookmarks were duplicated in certain situations when deleting a bookmark
  • Fixed to keep line breaks as much as possible when translating subtitles
  • Fixed a problem where output of certain ASS/SSA subtitles was abnormal
  • Fixed an issue where playback stopped when searching for certain MOV files

Download 201021

4 comments on “PotPlayer 201021 — x86/x64 Stable

  1. UserX

    I don’t know what you needed to fix, it was working perfectly.Now after this new update the soung is completely gone.I have to reinstall to the previous version.

  2. Daniel

    Crashes when changing Audio Stream.
    I am trying to change the audio stream when watching a video in Daum PotPlayer. Only, as soon as I change the audio stream from the default to the alternative audio, the entire application becomes unresponsive for several minutes and I have to force close it with task manager.


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