PotPlayer 200512 — x86/x64 Stable

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For more than two months we have been waiting for the update of our favorite player. Today, it has been updated to the version of PotPlayer 200512. In this update, it was added: 3 new features, 4 bugs fixed and some improvements made.

[Added New Features]

Added Vulkan capture into game capture
Added the ability to switch the playback time <-> remaining time
Added an option to open subtitles into command line function
Added the ability to set the number of repetitions of section repeat


  • Fixed a problem that UWP window was not captured when capturing the window selection (Requires Windows 10 1803 or newer)
  • Fixed an issue that DirectDraw and Direct3D8 did not work in game capture
  • Fixed an issue that remembered full screen capture when capturing screen
  • Fixed an issue that searched for spaces and conditions when searching in Playlist/File Navigator


  •  Improved performance of Screen Capture
  • Improved accessibility compatibility
  • Improved FTP server connection with special characters

Download 200512

6 comments on “PotPlayer 200512 — x86/x64 Stable

  1. Doc Holiday

    64 Bit downloaded, ran as Admin, the program unpacked and disappeared. Never got to asking to install. Tried a few times and always the same. W8.1. BTW this was an install on a freshly recovered laptop. Been using PotPlayer for several years w/no problems.

  2. Luke Herbert

    Feature request:
    Would it be possible to have hotkey to send a currently playing file to a user defined folder?
    e.g. you are reviewing lots of captured footage in separate files and come across something good you want to keep, so you hit your hotkey to move (or perhaps) copy the file to a special “use this” folder. Would this be possible to implement? It would seem the main things a user would net set are the folder to send the files to and weather to move or copy the file.
    Is this possible to implement? Is this even the right place to ask for this?


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