PotPlayer 1.7.3344 — x86/x64 Stable

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What’s new in 1.7.3344?

  • Added web display function to broadcast logo(CEF installation is required)
  • Added search function to bookmark editor
  • Added the ability to set the background color by creating snapshot
  • Added the ability to switch the power state in configuration
  • Added the ability to delete recent capture files
  • Fixed the horizontal or vertical size of broadcast logo
  • Improved high-definition video playback
  • Improved skin drawing speed
  • Improved broadcast logo drawing speed
  • Fixed an issue that DVD subtitles were invisible with DXVA in D3D11 Renderer

Download PotPlayer 1.7.3344

4 comments on “PotPlayer 1.7.3344 — x86/x64 Stable

  1. Henrique Sena

    Thats funny, i use the forum and made a request months ago and that thing is like a ghost town. nobody answer back

    maybe i will get more lucky here

    Potplayer is the best by far. but annoy the hell of me the fact that other players have something that i want and i cant use in potplayer.

    VLC, KMPlayer, GOM, iTunes, MPlayer, RealPlayer, DivX Plus Player, Windows Media Player, PowerDVD, BSPlayer, Winamp, MPC-HC, ehshell, AVS Media Player, FLVPlayer4Free, all of them have support to SimKL Tracker Scrobbler App for windows,

    The app identify what you are watching, Movies, Anime, Tv Shows, and mark as watched on your personal list, It Works like TrakT.Tv

    On the site forum i ask for the support and they say that the player need the function, they say that with the API is simple. in like 1 month there is more then 1000 people requesting the same thing for potplayer.

    To be honest i started to use Gon Player for now, is worst then potplayer but since there is support for the tracker is better then have to mark as watched one by one.

    Here in brazil potplayer was becoming very famous and i myself made all my friends to use, i even teach then. but after simkl start to grow and because its easy to keep track of what you are watching, people start to comeback to VLC our MPC.

    here is the tracker app https://simkl.com/apps/windows/simkl-tv-tracker/

    find why this works on the other players and not on potplayer, and please update the player with the function.

    If i have to make a donation our something for this to happen i will be glad to do it

  2. Icon

    Pot player should support Simkl tracker for windows, it’s sad that most media players do but can’t get the scrobbling and tracking feature in potplayer
    PS support Simkl please!! We’re being forced to chose other media players


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