PotPlayer 1.7.1915 — x86/x64 Stable

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What’s new in 1.7.1915:

  • Added
    • Belarusian translation
    • Direct3D 11, OpenGL to skin for outputting on screen
    • FTP in file navigator
    • URL in file navigator
    • album in file navigator
    • recent played items in file navigator
    • bookmark in file navigator
    • broadcast in file navigator
    • HDR Color Correction to Pixel Shader
  • Fixed
    • green screen problem when capturing with mouse in DXGI 1.2 capture
    • an issue where subtitles were not displayed in certain HDMV
    • an issue that no sound came out when playing certain MP4 files
    • to possibly open RAR Part file of HTTP
  • Improved file search in file navigator

Download PotPlayer 1.7.1915  

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