PotPlayer 1.7.14804 — x86/x64 Stable

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On October 16, a global update of the Daum Pot Player was released. In this update, the developers have added several new features, improved the performance of subtitles and fixed a lot of errors.

What’s new in 1.7.14804?


    • Added the ability to output image subtitles to subtitle browser
    • Added the ability to move window only on the title bar
    • Added av1 video codec decoding function


  • Improved online subtitle download/upload function
  • Improved online subtitle translation processing


  • Fixed a problem where cover image of flac file was not shown when playing seamlessly
  • Fixed an issue where new PotPlayer was running when adding a playlist to browser
  • Fixed an issue that can’t save some settings of the built-in WASAPI audio renderer
  • Fixed an error when decoding MJPEG in certain files
  • Fixed a problem that no sound while playing certain TS files
  • Fixed an issue that can’t play certain AVI/OGG files
  • Fixed an issue where playback on the rotated monitor was not smooth

Download 1.7.14804

3 comments on “PotPlayer 1.7.14804 — x86/x64 Stable

  1. Theresa

    I have install potplayer on windows 7. How should we set the control panel so that I could use potplayer in Microsoft Team, Zoom etc. How is the setting so that skype, zoom, etc could be displayed by potplayer.
    ASAP, thank you


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