PotPlayer 1.7.13963 — x86/x64 Stable

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Today, there was a new update of the PotPlayer! In this update, developers have paid much attention to fixing bugs in previous versions. All the details you can see below.

What’s new in 1.7.13963?


    • a security problem (remediation of damaged audio files playback vulnerability)
    • a problem where broadcast notification did not work in certain systems
    • a problem where album arts of certain MP3 were not shown
    • a problem where webm format was not created when capturing video
    • an issue that can’t play certain blu-ray media
    • an issue where cover images of certain ogg files were not shown
    • a problem where cover image was not shown when playing seamlessly
    • a problem that browsed slowly when using online subtitle translation
    • a problem that screen did not come out when playing certain TS files
    • an issue where the program was killed when changing the video resolution under certain conditions
    • a bug of the built-in WASAPI audio renderer and improved it

Download 1.7.13963

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