PotPlayer 1.7.12248 — x86/x64 Stable

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Today, there was a long-awaited update, which made our player even better. Developers added 8 new functions, and also corrected more than 10 global errors. Therefore, download a new patch and update to the current version!

What’s new in 1.7.12248?


  • PotPlayer extension with AngelScript
  • open address extension
  • media playlist/item extension
  • media source extension
  • online subtitle extension
  • online subtitle translation extension
  • Crossfeed function into sound processing
  • a function that did not close when selecting files in navigation


  • a security problem (remediation of damaged skin files vulnerability)
  • a problem where random playback did not work properly when the number of items was large
  • a problem where ftp/webdav could not be opened at a specific URL
  • a problem that did not play a certain 60-frame video smoothly
  • an issue that played certain HTTP videos abnormally

Download 1.7.12248

4 comments on “PotPlayer 1.7.12248 — x86/x64 Stable

  1. Daniel

    is there any way to revert back the update? the current version keeps crashing with SVP enabled..

  2. IceLancer

    FINALLY , they fixed freaking annoying mouse freeze for a moment when opening videos!
    For months i have been using VLC because its only one that worked properly. I can start using daum once again now.


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