PotPlayer 1.6.59405 Beta

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What’s new in PotPlayer 1.6.59405 Beta:

— Fixed an issue that:

  • certain buttons in broadcast window didn’t work
  •  System MFT AAC decoder didn’t work
  • specific shortcuts didn’t work
  • charset was incorrectly determined in certain subtitles

Download PotPlayer 1.6.59405 Beta

1 comment on “PotPlayer 1.6.59405 Beta

  1. Michel

    For several weeks (Months?) unable to register to the forum and to help others because confirmation code doesn’t show up.
    Email ahahalive@daum.net to contact the board admin doesn’t exist anymore. Other email found on the site remain silent!
    After contacting the designer, Florian Gareis, he says that he was also unable to contact the administrator… and replied: “they use a very outdated version of the theme. If we can’t reach them in any way and they update it, there is nothing I can do”.
    My conclusion: PotP and KMP, same programmer… same phylosophy… fend for yourself


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