PotPlayer 1.6.52515 – x86/x64 Stable

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What’s new in PotPlayer 1.6.52515:

— x86/x64 Stable

— Swedish translation
— The ability to record videos in GIF format
— An option to apply broadcast effect to on-air broadcasts only
— A function at program startup to determine whether the PotPlayer.dll is touched or not
— The ability to capture screen via DirectDraw API
— Support for NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit
— 3D output support to Built-in OpenGL Video Renderer
— Support for Closed Captioning
— The ability to set reception type of BDA devices
— The ability to add/edit frequency list for BDA devices
— OpenH264 encoder

— Fixed an issue that can’t play videos from Daum’s cloud server
— Fixed video corruption problem when decoding certain files with DXVA on Intel VGAs
— Fixed strange color problem when images are captured in JPEG/PNG format
— Fixed a problem that the volume level can’t be adjusted when wave volume control is used in Vista or newer
— Fixed an issue where the Alt key triggers window’s system menu and takes away the focus from the program
— Fixed an issue where DVD menu did not work with Built-in OpenGL/Direct3D9 Video Renderers
— Fixed sync problem with certain MP4 files
— Fixed a problem that can’t open 8-bit PNG files

Other changes:
— Improved performance of Intel QuickSync Decoder
— Changed default value of Deinterlace to Motion Adaptive
— Improved performance of Screen Capture via DXGI 1.2 API
— Changed loading method of external .dpl playlist files as a temporary new album for editing directly
— Changed default fallback language to English for untranslated strings
— Improved playback of downloading files
— Improved Built-in OpenGL Renderer
— Improved thumbnail view of playlist items

— This version is the latest announced version on http://potplayer.daum.net –

Download PotPlayer 1.6.52515

15 comments on “PotPlayer 1.6.52515 – x86/x64 Stable

  1. den

    potplayer.dll ver 1.6.52514.0,latest
    company:”Daum Kakao”
    previous ver read company:”Daum Communications”
    we know the culprit….

  2. den

    please,if there is any criminal act involved tell us,
    we don’t want stuxnet or god knows what tov kim got from mossad…

  3. ed

    -potplayer working fine on 1 desktop running XP, and 1 Laptop running Win7
    Recently had to verify 7 to upgrade to 10, didn’t upgrade but after MS software verification process suddenly, potplayer stopped working with the message about .Dll being modified or hacked. uninstalled the program & installed the latest version… it worked for 3 DAYs…suddenly again, out of the blue, stops working & same message about hacked / modified .dll?

    What the heck??

    Love this player it is my new fav… but these problems will definitely kill it for me ….:-(

  4. ed

    PS^^ running on 32 bit Win 7 Pro Dell Latitude D830 only change from Solid working Potplayer to completely NOT working potplayer was verifying Software as Genuine with MS to prepare for 10 upgrade. Have not upgraded yet…

    would love any ideas on what happened of if there is a fix I can try??

  5. ddd

    potplayer wont install, it says following

    there are no old versions of potplayer, all potplayer versions says potplayer,dll is modified or hacked. it doesnt even install. threads from 2 years ago says the same thing, it is hacked and cant be installed.

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  7. Dave

    May 2022: For years now during install on X64 you get: “Potplayer.DLL is modified or hacked.”
    Why does it take so long for this to be fixed?
    Why do you detect it , and then not simply fix it during install?
    This was happening back in 2019 FFS !

    Seems like some serious crappy programming there to me.

  8. Dave2

    May 2023.
    DAUM software – you are utter garbage in your user support !
    Your programming sux.
    YOU had a great product, but then stuffed it with a lousy install program.



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