PotPlayer 1.6.49669 Beta

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What’s new in PotPlayer 1.6.49669 Beta:

— Fixed some bugs

Download PotPlayer 1.6.49669 Beta

1 comment on “PotPlayer 1.6.49669 Beta

  1. Ersin

    Sorry, tried to mail you but recipient not reachable.

    Hi, thanks alot for your efforts on PotPlayer. Keep the good work up.

    PotPlayer 1.6.49157

    Favourites menu!
    Got many musicvideos. I like to have many of those in my favourites. Problem is a bug in PotPlayer wont allow me to have more than one hundred favourites. Only the first hundred are invokeable by clicking on those. Every file no. 101, 102 and so on is not available, those are only listed in the favourites not useable. So I only can have 100 favourites.
    The history hasn’t such problems. Every file listed is invokeable.

    History menu!
    Invoking files in history menu always start at the last point stopped, although in options ‘Remember playback position’ is inactive.

    In ‘General Settings’ tab the last point under ‘Default window size on closing file’ is not readable.

    greets, Ersin.


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