PotPlayer 1.5.39145 Beta

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What’s new in PotPlayer 1.5.39145 Beta:

– Added the ability to set mouse wheel left/right actions
–  Improved touch feature
– Fixed an issue where certain DVD subtitles doesn’t show up
Improved game capture function:
– ability to work with online games
– ability to work with both 32 and 64 bits applications ( The new DLLs GameCaptureHook64.dll,DesktopHook64.dll,DesktopHook64.exe allows you to capture video image of 64-bit Direct3D/OpenGL applications in 32-Bit PotPlayer under 64-Bit Windows! (The English PotPlayer updater skips these files under 32-Bit Windows naturally!) )

Download PotPlayer 1.5.39145 Beta


10 comments on “PotPlayer 1.5.39145 Beta

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