PotPlayer 1.5.38118 Beta

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What’s new in PotPlayer 1.5.38118 Beta:

– Fixed an issue that can not play certain MPEG TS files
– Fixed a problem with ruby tags
– Fixed an issue that play the next track (after the current one finishes) and visualization functions does not work when visualization is used without audio processing filter
– Added the ability to remove nonexistent items in history of recent files (Right click > Album/Favorites menu if “show history of recent files in fav menu” option is enabled!)

Download the latest version PotPlayer 1.5.38118 Beta

12 comments on “PotPlayer 1.5.38118 Beta

  1. ken zinnato

    Long time user, love your software for ALL media .. except when it comes to speeding up podcasts. Potplayer is too tinny and has too much reverb. Attempting to fix with Audio Processing Settings does not help much.

    I am forced to use Practice# (https://code.google.com/p/practicesharp/) which uses the SoundTouch library (http://www.surina.net/soundtouch/download.html) for speedup with no sound distortion. Wish Potplayer sounded like this!

    Any way to make speeded up MP3s not have that tinny, reverb sound would be very greatly appreciated.

  2. Priya

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