Features Daum PotPlayer

Daum PotPlayer — completely free, multipurpose multimedia player with built-in codecs and flexible system of settings. Has a great number of functions of Kmplayer, because developed him one of authors of this player.

Main functions and possibilities of Daum PotPlayer:

— High quality of reproduction as well as video, and audio.

— Support of all modern videos and audio of formats.

– Supports all types of subtitles, the effects in the subtitles.

— In player there are all necessary codecs for reproducing of video and audio.

— A supported 32 – 64-bit OS.

– Play- not downloaded (broken) files.

– Ability to turn off the computer at a specified time (after watching the film, and so on)

– Ability to watch videos through a proxy.

– Ability to use the Web-camera.

– Ability to change the playback speed.

— Changes of scale of the image. By means of the Num 1, 2, 4 … and Ctrl+Num 2, 4, 5 … buttons it is possible to change the scale and an image position to your taste.

Support of various skins, logos, color subjects.


Transparency of a player. By means of this function you can change transparency of your player from 10% to 100%.

Transparency of a player

Opportunity to build (to choose) pixel structures of video


Free of charge

This record player is fully the free program. You can set him and use so much, how many you will want. Daum PotPlayer contains no internal advertisements and various spyware.

14 comments on “Features Daum PotPlayer

  1. Me

    The worst things about potplayer is that, those buttons next to play button (◄ and ►) will not open the next/previous files in the playlist.
    This has driven me insane!
    and the other problem is that I does not play the next file in the play list either!
    these two really destroys the fun out of this player
    please fix them in the next release

    1. eNdEmiOn

      I’ve assigned the back and forward buttons of my mouse to perform this function. I’ve also set the wheel to ship or backtrack 5sec on each interval of turning the wheel. Effectively making it possible to scroll trough the video. PodPlayer is hella flexible so don’t let something little like that stand in your way.

  2. Cees Timmerman

    I’ve recently switched from VLC to PotPlayer, but am missing a few features:

    – Single click play/pause.
    – Double click fullscreen/windowed.
    – Playback speed indicator/control in play bar.

    1. eNdEmiOn

      Go to General » mouse and you can easily set single click to play/pause.
      Same for fullscreen (keep AR)/restore as it’s called in the list of predefined options available for the dubble click function.

      Don’t know about the playback speed indicator as I rarely would wish to change it. But maybe there is another skin that would feature this particular piece of indication. By the way if you want easy control over this feature you could attach it to the scroll wheel of your mouse, just a suggestion.

  3. Ross

    Discovered this after using MPC-BE for many years.
    Love Potplayer now but I would like to make a feature request:
    WASAPI release audio device when idle. MPC-BE releases the audio device when paused or stopped and I find this very handy. Please can you forward this request.

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