Welcome to a site PotPlayer!

Daum Potplayer — a fully free, multifunction multimedia record player with built-in codecs and a flexible system of tuning. PotPlayer not only has almost all the features that other advanced player, but also possesses alongside new, among which it is possible to select support for practically all modern videos and audio formats, high quality of reproducing, and also built-in videos, is codecs of DXVA.


Daum PotPlayer is a modern and stylish design, and easy to manage settings. The program has the ability to change and assign new hotkeys, to connect DSP plug-ins, frame-accurate to take off skrinshoty videofiles, to write down a reproduced sound in the separate file, to include and disconnect visualization when playing audiofiles, to show subtitles, to change the design (skins). This record player has a great number of functions and tuning which considerably improve the quality of the video.

Main Features of Daum PotPlayer:

  • High-quality playback as well as video and audio.
  • Support for all modern video and audio formats.
  • Support of various skins, logos, color subjects.
  • In a player there are all necessary codecs for video and audio reproduction.
  • Are supported 32 – 64-bit OS.

potplayer_featuresAll of the features …

potplayer_download Download Daum PotPlayer …

What’s new in Daum PotPlayer 210929:

[Added ]

  •  Added fast repeating function


  • Fixed several bugs

To look at all history of changes …

209 comments on “Welcome to a site PotPlayer!

  1. Nick

    I have checked the Bright Cove site for clues to playing their videos, but can not find anything.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    P.S. Pot Layer is the best.

  2. Goran

    DVB-C, TV: Even though I checked Show/Hide Subtitles and also Support Closed Caption I do NOT see subtitles! On the other programs it appears.

  3. Kapc0m

    Came across Potplayer when my previous favorite player (with almost all similar functionalities) started throwing online crap. I have to say Potplayer is THE best. Keep up the excellent work guys.


  4. zahra

    thanks so much for your great program.
    i did not update potplayer for awhile,
    but i want to know does it open .mp4, aac etc without need to install external codecs in recent versions or not?
    i tested many versions and cant open .mp4, aac, and sometimes amr files without installing codecs!
    can you help me?
    i realy appreciate your help and God bless you all!

    1. tapiwa35

      I used potplayer on my windows os and i have to say it’s the best. Now i have switched to linux and i am sad to notice that there is no potplayer version for linux

  5. Shuvongkor Barman

    PotPlayer is the best media player for Windows OS because of it’s unique features and power to play any media file. But it could be also the best media player for Linux OS. We thank you very much for making this wonderful free media player and hope that you would consider to make a Linux version of your awesome media player.

  6. Qua

    Potplayer is the single best video player I have ever used. Seriously, screw VLC in comparison. VLC is great, but it doesn’t even do half as much as Potplayer. I just dare you to find a feature it doesn’t have.

    1. Martin Fennell

      okay, since you asked.
      1. it does not have a youtube browser
      2. it does not allow you to search for subtitles without opening a browser.

  7. Lloyd Grounds

    Am using pot player with hdmi capture dongle. I can capture video no problem but when I play them back I am getting no sound. I am using default and recommended settings. Any suggestions??

    Lloyd Grounds

  8. Stew Lindenberger

    So powerful, with so many Hotkeys, but no information about how to use them.
    Would really appreciate a few tutorials showing how to use some of the features, like how do you use “subtitles”? For example, can you create different sections of a video with different A B playback loops saved, and jump to the different sections?
    Can you use this player to record videos that are playing on the screen in a browser?
    What does “voice removal” do? Is it destructive to the original file? Does it try to remove voice and leave the rest of the music?
    I’m sure there are more features that would be useful if we were shown how to use them.
    Thanks for this very good. free program!.

  9. Mary

    With Potplayer I can not see the TV channels. After a few seconds all of them are blocked. I think it depends on the potplayer setting but I do not know how to intervene and did not find any guides on the internet.
    I hope some of you know how to solve this problem.
    Thank you.

  10. dean

    The devs at Potplayer really suck. There is no help and their webpage, account creation is totally screwed.. The player is ok but i wouldnt reccommend it because they is ZERO SUPPORT!
    The support is as about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.
    Alot of the features in potplayer are s**te!!

  11. agencja

    An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a coworker who was doing a little homework on this.
    And he in fact bought me breakfast simply because I stumbled upon it for
    him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!!
    But yeah, thanks for spending the time to discuss this topic here on your site.

  12. Arnulfo

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  13. swed

    I D/L PotPlayer 1.7.8557 here: http://potplayer.daum.net/ . Installed flawlessly on Win 10 home, did not contain any crap and works like a dream. Outstanding picture quality, and so on, etc… I also found a forum with all the necessary info to use PP. Did not find my native language file or any other easy translated file. But what do you know? PP started with my language as default.

  14. DAUM Jean-Pierre

    Bonjour, je l’ai essayé puis adopté rapidement et l’utilise sur PC de bureau sous windows 10 64Bits et tablette Samsung androïde. Génial le logiciel Daum PotPlayer . Je suis les infos par facebook. Merci

    Hello, I tried it and adopted quickly and use it on desktop PCs under Windows 10 64Bits and Samsung Android tablet. Great Daum PotPlayer software. I am the info by facebook. Thank you

  15. Claire Webcontentzone

    Hi team at daumpotplayer.com

    How are you?

    Do you offer article placements on your site: daumpotplayer.com

    – We would get the article written which will fit the nature/topic of your site.
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    What are your rates for such a placement?

    Thank you.

    Kind Regards,

    Claire – Media Manager

  16. dreamtraveler

    The official site is down for several days is this the end of PotPlayer and does anyone know what happened?

  17. Ether

    if i pause a video on pot player when i press play, the video would play before some (1 or 2) seconds.. so that i can see last subtitle or dialogue of that video… do pot player has that option?

  18. Suzette

    Hello there, You have done a great job. I’ll definitely digg
    it and personally suggest to my friends. I am confident they
    will be benefited from this website.

  19. Dick Hardwood

    PP is great, all the features + wonderful things it can do………
    I’d like it even more, if I knew how to do some of them!
    It’s like having a dog that won’t bark………. although actually, it’s nothing like that at all……… it’s like having something you don’t know how to use because there aren’t any bloody help files, or instructions, of any kind!
    That’s more like it………

  20. Marty

    I can’t get Potplayer to finish the install on XPSP2
    I have downloaded the 32 bit latest version 4x. Won’t install goes about 85 % and stops.

  21. Chris

    I love PotPlayer – it’s the go-to solution for playing videos on my Windows tablet.

    I’m curious whether anyone has noticed that, for videos with a 59.940fps frame rate, the audio gets out of sync? This is true for all my videos at that high frame rate.

  22. Bharath Kumar

    One of the best players for high quality videos efficiently. Video codec such as HEVC is efficiently handled by potplayer. Good customizing options.

  23. Thoma S

    Potplayer is my 1st choice, since trying other Players for years. Just discovered the ability also to stream Youtube Videos with Potplayer, even importing YT-Playlists – this is much more versatile compared to YT-Handling in Webbrowser. But in Potplayer, YT-linked Videos are streamed in lower Quality or Resolution compared to Webbrowser. Does YT itself make this restriction when streamed with external Software or any Option in Potplayer, to stream HD from Youtube?

  24. Pual L Thurston

    You know,the subtle with the same name of the video like”video.ass”or”video.Russian.ass”in the same folder of the video the be selected by”Alt+L”. I wonder whether the player can add the feature of loading extract audio similar to this which can be changed by”Alt+A”rather than”open->load extract audio”that can not automatically load when it get to the next episode.

  25. Tapiwa Brighton

    I used potplayer on my WIndows OS but now i am using Linux and i was disappointed to find out that there is no potplayer for linux.

    Please may the potplayer people make it available for linux

  26. Dima

    Hello, can you please add ability for potplayer to remember last played position within a url file or url playlist?

  27. zahra

    can you please add necessary codecs in your program directly?
    i really dont want install additional codecs, even i cant play mp4 files on xp if i dont install separate codecs!

  28. zahra

    can you please make one version of potplayer that you include opencodecs on it and remove tv and radio stations which are available in your program?

    1. Gutterrez Rocha

      Eu vou tentar fazer uma versão do PotPlayer para o Linux OS. e também vou criar umas paginas ensinando como se mexe no PotPlayer e vou postar o link aqui para vocês todos baixar, mais primeiro vou entrar em contato com os desenvolvedores do PotPlayer para saber se posso fazer o PotPlayer na versão Linux OS e se eu poço fazer o manual ensinando como usar completo o PotPlayer, se eles liberar eu faço o manual em Inglês e em Espanhol.

  29. Dan Phillips

    Here is an email thread I had with Potplayer employee when I wrote to let them know that the 3rd party software they were trying to install when updating to new version of PotPlayer
    Do it…
    That is your mind…

    ——— 원본 메일 ———
    받는사람: ahahlive (PotPlayer employee)
    제목: RE: RE: RE: RE: PotPlayer Install. WebAdvisor

    Like I said before I was going to wait and let PotPlayer get this fixed if indeed it was a mistake. But by your answer I can tell that this obviously was not a mistake so I will find another software to use. I hope you don’t mind but I am going to use this email with your replies to let everyone on the forums, twitter and anyone else I can communicate with of what PotPlayer thinks we as customers should do.

    From: ahahlive (PotPlayer employee)
    Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: PotPlayer Install. WebAdvisor

    Use other program~~

    ——— 원본 메일 ———
    받는사람: ahahlive (PotPlayer employee)
    제목: RE: RE: RE: POotPlayer Install. WebAdvisor

    I know what you are saying but you are not reading what I am saying. I know there is a way to install it but I will not because I have to click agree and that I don’t understand what I am installing.

    From: ahahlive (PotPlayer employee)
    Subject: RE: RE: RE: PotPlayer Install. WebAdvisor

    Uncheck it..
    So Mcafee is not install…

    ——— 원본 메일 ———
    받는사람: ahahlive (PotPlayer employee)
    날짜: 19.08.01 16:18 GMT +0900
    제목: RE: RE: PotPlayer Install. WebAdvisor

    That means I don’t understand what that is. I do understand and I don’t want it. When I hit decline it won’t let me install. I am not going to install your potplayer by clicking agree on installing Mcafee and not checking that I don’t understand. That’s not right.

    ——— 원본 메일 ———
    ahahlive (PotPlayer employee)
    날짜: 19.08.01 16:13 GMT +0900
    제목: RE: POotPlayer Install. WebAdvisor
    That means I don’t understand what that is. I do understand and I don’t want it. When I hit decline it won’t let me install. I am not going to install your potplayer by clicking agree on installing Mcafee and not checking that I don’t understand. That’s not right.

    From: ahahlive (PotPlayer employee)
    Sent: Thursday, August 1, 2019 2:06 AM
    Subject: RE: PotPlayer Install. WebAdvisor


    ——— 원본 메일 ———
    받는사람: ahahlive (PotPlayer employee)
    제목: POotPlayer Install. WebAdvisor

    I do not want McAfee WebAdvisor on my PC. I just want PotPlayer. But if I click ‘decline’ on installing McAfee WebAdvisor it just keeps taking me back to the previous step. There appears to be no way to install PotPlayer without McAfee WebAdvisor. I’ve been using PotPlayer for a very long time. I am going continue using the player for about another month and try to update it again and if the installer tries to install something other than potplayer I will uninstall it and on all of the other computers that I manage and will find another video player.

  30. 007felixd

    What’s happening Potplayer? Why can’t it be updated without installing Mcafee? Do not ruin the great program that make

  31. Dave

    As the others have said – there’s no way I’m updating potplayer, and considering whether to continue using it, unless the decline button functions correctly 🙁

    Shame because it’s one of the best media players.

  32. Роман

    Вы сказочные идиоты 🙂 Снимите галочку с лицензионного соглашения MCAfee и нажмите согласен. После этого установится только плеер.

  33. Paul

    what the hell you are doing, potplayers! Stop this awful practice of forceful installation of crapware during automatic update of your product!!! I don’t need another antivirus on my PC, I have one already!!!

    I used your product for many years. Now back to VLC.

  34. Olivia

    What the fuck. Real time ad on the media player? Doesn’t make sense at all. Koreans really don’t have common sense as I heard. I am also going back to VLC. Bye~

  35. Dan Lokemoen

    The Playlist keeps turning on and doesn’t turn off in a sensible manner. If you click Playlist it turns on and the mouse jumps to the Playlist, but if you click it again to turn it off, it stays on and the mouse jumps to the Playlist again. It seems to turn on by itself and the only way to turn it off is to rapidly hit F6 twice. This can’t be the way it was intended to work. Personally, I don’t EVER want the Playlist turned on, but it turns on automatically somehow and is a pain in the butt to turn off once it’s on. I generally set my keyboard aside when I watch movies, then I have to fumble for it to get rid of the Playlist. Even the Windows on-screen keyboard will not turn off the playlist because if you hit F6, the playlist opens and the mouse cursor jumps to the Playlist, so you CAN’T hit F6 twice rapidly. It’s pretty annoying.

  36. tiktok-user


  37. olivier


    Where can you download the Driver Installation . On my PC, I do not have a CD lecter and so the usb key does not work.

    Thank for your replies.

  38. John d Woodworth

    I really like thr app but, since downloading it, I have been getting a lot of popup ads I suspect it’s Pot Player but I’m not sure. Please clarify this for me,

  39. turnmind

    Can future versions increase script control?
    Potplayer is often used in automatic screening scenes, no one controls, you need to use script to control playback, monitor status and other things

  40. blkstaff

    Viewer beware, currenlty installs adware ‘virus’ without opt out through the automatic update process, the developers have been doing this for over a year, and have not changed their ways. Run an AV or get the clean version. It’s a down right shame these days that you people feel the need after all these years to try and sneak install anything classified as a virus or malware without the users permission and it needs to STOP.

    1. turnmind

      I didn’t mean to use potplayer maliciously, but I added automatic controls, such as listening to the player finish playing and then playing other videos

  41. Steve Pedigo

    I noticed a problem in playback and making an index file.

    When I tell the program to make an index file, I had used it for an MP4 and the video was a slide presentation that was 26 minutes long. I made a video index file that was 5 columns by 15 rows. This was more than enough index/thumbnails to show every slide.

    Some slides did not show though. I saw one particular video at 16:52 or 16:32 had different slides, but the index file only showed the same file for about screen shots. I unchecked the box for keyframe and there was no difference. Is this a bug or can I do something to make an accurate index file?

    Thank you for your time in this matter.

  42. Tim

    The latest update (191211) does not work properly, when I skip along the video the players stays where it is…thankfully I kept an old download ( so I could delete and reinstall.
    I don’t want to sound ungrateful for something that is basically marvelous and FREE….but just wanted to pass on the info.
    Is there any way I can turn off the updates please? So I can stay with the old version…..

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  44. Rafael Baboni Dominiquini

    I’m unable to register on the forums (https://potplayer.daum.net/forum/index.php) to post a bug over there. I do not receive any confirmation emails. I tested it with several emails I have and I was unable to register with any.
    I also tried several times to use the “Resent activation email” option, but to no avail.
    Is anyone else having this problem?

  45. Clarence Blaxland

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  47. Bertram

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  48. ex-potplayer fan

    Not recommended software. It will install malware by default. It is even a bit tricky to skip it.

  49. musicling

    I suggest that users can adjust the width and font size of the play list. I think the play list takes up too much space

  50. Daniel


    Latest versions of Potplayer mess up the Elapsed Time / Total Time displayed on certain older skins like https://daumpotplayer.com/skin-z-gray/ . Time is indicated as “0”.

    By checking “Change the playback time/remaining time displayed on skin” in Preferences – Skin Settings, the time reappears. However, it only indicates remaining time / total time.

    Not sure if this can be fixed in the subsequent versions of Potplayer.

  51. Alvin

    Great app! It installs adware, spyware and other telemetry and “calling home” features… never felt more cheated and spied on!

    Keep up the good work lads!



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  54. smile and breath

    hello everybody, when i choose traditional chinese subs, they are displayed ̣90 degrees turned to the right (so you need to tilt your head to the right to read them ) , anyone knows how to fix this?
    when i play it with other media players it shows it normal

    thnx in advance

  55. CharlesAnego

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  57. hassan

    i downloaded a video and played it on potplayer and it lags the video and audio both but video is playing fine in other media players i get use to potplayer so can’t change my player i tried on different versions of player but issue persists

  58. hassan

    i downloaded a video from google drive video is playing fine on other media player but lagging audio and video both on potplayer even i tried different versions of that

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  62. mshahid

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  63. John

    Pot player is great, but for a long time now, it has been frequently crashing when;

    1) i change audio streams – it helps avoid crash, if i pause, rewind to very start of video, change audio streams, and then play. So there is a bug somewhere in the code that buffers and decodes sound, which is triggered when you change audio streams and there is already sound that has been decoded, and needs to be discarded and re-filled from the new stream.

    2) potplayer also frequently freezes when i pause potplayer, suspend my laptop, and then later on i resume the laptop, and unpause the video.

    These bugs have been present in potplayer for a long time now, and i am sick of them, not being fixed.

    Please fix these bugs, or… i have had enough, i will stop using potplayer. And i will stop recommending potplayer to other people – which would be a shame, as it is a very good video player in every other way.

    Thank you.

  64. Ziad

    Great from Pot Player, Like It, The Recommend Site for Fresh Student Or Jobless People Should visit One Time For These Impressive Career .
    Well Named Pot Player Giving there Service As there Best.


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