[Skin] dark skin english

The skin for Potplayer made ??in dark colors. Author: boideboi-d4a5hdl




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5 Responses to “[Skin] dark skin english”

  1. dosfox Says:

    Thank you for a beautiful & useful skin. Right/left clicks on many controls is a very efficient function!

    Tooltips for audio skin are still in korean(?), any chance of an update?

  2. Max Says:

    I love this skin and have used it always. windows 10 released some sort of flash update and now potplayer will not launch. i reinstalled it and now it works ok but when trying to reselect this skin (and a couple others) it just crashes. any idea how to fix this? I will only use this skin so it kinda sucks this is happening.i tried getting rid of the flash update but theres no way to.

  3. Max Says:

    ok, nevermind … i fixed it by changing the logo to potplayer.png

  4. Kieran Says:

    Hi there. This Skin is awesome, but I have one problem. I’ve noticed that the blue bar that doesn’t match up to where the movie is actually playing; it is behind, which is quite irritating when trying to seek to a specific part of a video. If anyone has a fix, I would be very appreciative.

  5. Storm Says:

    HeT.ollhanks for your interest in Internet Archive. If you can tell us specifically which collection (and a link address to it if you have it) you are have trouble accessing we may be able to help. Please address your reply with this information to .Best, Jeff

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