PotPlayer 1.7.65347 Beta

What’s new in PotPlayer 1.7.65347 Beta:

— Added the ability to select device in video output device Direct3D9
— Fixed an issue when decoding certain MJPEG
— Fixed an issue that D3D11 capture did not work in certain games
— Improved closed caption handling

Download PotPlayer 1.7.65347 Beta

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43 Responses to “PotPlayer 1.7.65347 Beta”

  1. smith Says:

    the new default skin is SH*T!

    please revert to the 1.6 version ASAP

  2. dadash Says:

    I use 1.7.351 but I dont like new image.
    I want back blue color and old image. this image has not!

  3. Matt Says:

    I agree Smith. The new skin with the yellow is horrible. It would be ok if I could just change that yellow on the sliders. Any idea how to do this?

  4. Matt Says:

    The yellow icon sucks too.

  5. rixarm Says:

    Pls bring back the previous version skin. Or at least make it available for download.

  6. vincent Says:

    the fullscreen mode is somehow not showing the timeline bar.

  7. Pintassilgo Says:

    How to revert the skin change in this last update? The new one is bad.

  8. Mason Says:

    It seems most people agree that the new skin is not that great. Take note that yellow is a bad choice for a color scheme. Graphic designers already know that blue is the most eye-friendly color, that’s why we see it everywhere from Facebook to our department stores. At least make the previous skin available as a default skin. As for the rest of the update, pretty good.

  9. Chris Says:

    Ahhh! My eyes!! That yellow is atrocious and one of the worst choices for an icon. Please change that. Other than that bad choice, PotPlayer us a great player.

  10. TIM HUBER Says:

    I ended up here looking for the same answer, can we lose all of the yellow and replace it with blue, I am using this on a big screen tv and the yellow is horrible to my eyes, please allow or make available the old blue icon and blue bars in the player, I have only been using the new version for a few days but every time it makes me crazy seeing that bad yellow in the dark and on my desktop.

    Thank you for your time,

  11. Ahmed Says:

    please change the skin back to the simple clean old one
    the new one is too big
    atlest make smaller version of it and give as an option to enable the old skin

  12. Pervez Says:

    I use 1.7.351 but I dont like new icon.
    I want back blue color and old image. this image has not!

  13. Jaime Says:

    Great software! Been using it for years. The yellow is horrendous! Please change it or allow the user to select something different.

  14. David Says:

    Where is the transparency control on the main window? I’ve seen it in every other window (detached playlist, control panel, etc.) but not on the actual main window.

    I actually like the default skin a lot but changing the color mixed with removing/moving the transparency button made me switch to the “Default_More” skin. Even though I hadn’t been using that skin for months.

  15. Vlad Says:

    Please go back to the old icon/skin. Thanks.

  16. lyrill Says:

    no FUCK you guys, the blue is fucking old as fuck and boring, this new color scheme is beautiful

  17. Steven Says:

    Have to agree with the anti-yellow group. The blue looked much better. More than the sliders, the yellow really bothers me on the taskbar icon and the icon on associated files, because I’m so used to them looking a certain way, and now it throws me off (and it’s bright and ugly).

  18. Bob Says:

    I’m looking for a new player now, not happy with the new update

  19. HatesYellow Says:

    I *really* do not like the new yellow icons. I couldn’t care less about the new skin since I use my own, but the bright yellow in icons is an eyesore. Not to mention, it doesn’t even match PotPlayer’s default (and ‘recommended’) file type icons.

  20. zcyzcy88 Says:


  21. zdm Says:

    New yellow icon is ugly.

  22. Kel Says:

    I can’t say in words how much that yellow icon bothers me. While i like the color yellow, per-say, the icon is so damn bright it hurts to look at. I tried to change it using resource hacker, but once modified, the program throws up an error message saying potplayer has been modified or hacked. Why not allow the user to change the icon to whatever they feel is acceptable…..problem solved!!!

  23. omg Says:

    I wonder if the designer who made this yellow icon is color blind. Or maybe he’s just blind.

  24. Molon Says:

    Please revert icons and skin to the old one, this new yellow is horrible.

  25. Hamid Says:

    I’ve downgraded to previous version just to get rid of that yellow icon, it was such an eye sore, it made me depressed.

  26. Mile Kitic Says:

    Please, have mercy and bring us back old icon. The new one is awful.

  27. Ace543 Says:

    I’m downgrading to get rid of the yellow. Please let me know when the blue is available once again and I will upgrade.

  28. Ace543 Says:

    Update: I copied the default skin from the previous version to the skins folder and player is now Blue. Anyone know which file to save for the blue icons?

  29. nofu Says:

    Old Default Skin: https://mega.nz/#!9thSgbJb!7O0_xYdffxuUn1uFOnaghtkuFqm9RC1eSDQxpymB8hw

  30. Rod Says:

    How to import the old default skin, uploaded by nofu? (Yellow is just ugly)

  31. Kadano Says:

    @30 “Rod” rename from .zip to .dsf and then drag and drop into PotPlayer. Here is the BlackBox3 skin, which I personally like the most: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nlrr4k0ba9b0wb3/BlackBox3_en.dsf

  32. Mohamed Says:

    PotPlayer is my favorite Player , But Now I cannot execute him any more . please change the yellow icon to black or Blue or red or even transparent . Just Remove The Yellow One

  33. mestremuten Says:

    yellow? really??

    imho this color is just ugly! please, bring back the v1.6 blue color, it was just fine. i think that if you get rid of the yellow the new flat skin will look much better.

    get rid of the yellow icon too … i thought i got hacked when i saw it after updating!!

  34. cyka Says:


  35. assassin Says:

    what have u done to potplayer what is this horrible yellow, my fastest uninstall ever let me know when we get the blue icon and theme back u just lost a fan.

  36. sid350 Says:

    fuck yellow

  37. John Says:

    Sorry, Yellow icon is ugly, new yellow icon even uglier. Please change back to old blue.

  38. LittleDude Says:

    Gotta agree with everyone. Yellow icon is so ugly I went back to the old version.

  39. assassin Says:

    yup gone back to 1.6.63891 the last great pot player. if any one wants the right potplayer just google this version.

  40. Cam Says:

    Yellow skin is terrible – please revert to Blue skin.
    Large buttons are terrible – please revert to clean small size buttons.
    Why have large buttons when there is a touch enabled setting.
    New logo is ugly – please revert to previous.

  41. yaseen Says:

    Yellow skin is terrible – please revert to Blue skin.
    Large buttons are terrible – please revert to clean small size buttons.
    Why have large buttons when there is a touch enabled setting.
    New logo is ugly – please revert to previous.

  42. mestremuten Says:

    I thought it was impossible, but yes, new icon is even uglier than previous.

    Please, revert to v1.6 blue color and icons.

    It looks like you want to make potplayer disappear with these decisions.

  43. qwexak Says:

    +1 i too wanna old skin and icons.

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