PotPlayer 1.6.63891 — x86/x64 Stable

What’s new in 1.6.63891 :

— Added some ACM Vorbis Mode3 decoding functions
— Added D3D12 game capture function
— Added MJPEG option to built-in codec fuction
— Fixed an issue that playback time of certain AVIs were incorrectly calculated
— Fixed abnormal playback problem of certain AVIs
— Fixed occasional freeze problem when using the built-in WASAPI audio renderer
— Fixed freeze problem when outputting certain SSA subtitles
— Fixed an issue where subtitles were black in certain PCs
— Fixed an issue that screen was broken when DXVA decoding certain H.264 files
— Improved MJPEG decoding speed

Download PotPlayer 1.6.63891

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2 Responses to “PotPlayer 1.6.63891 — x86/x64 Stable”

  1. hemmati Says:

    f*** you! it’s! video f***ing freezes after playing one file and just streams the audio of the next file, you meatheads!

  2. zahra Says:

    hello every one.
    happy new year and i wish divine mercy and prosperity for you in this year.
    i realy appreciate potplayer which is realy the best one and its extremely great.
    i pray for you, to provide us such great program in my prayers.
    and also i wish that potplayer can play all media types without installing codecs.
    i wanted to play some .mp4 files, but i could not, because said it needs installing codecs.
    i wish that it can play my favorite files without additional codecs.
    thanks so much again and God bless you!

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