PotPlayer 1.6.63872 Beta

What’s new in PotPlayer 1.6.63872 Beta:

— Fixed occasional freeze problem when using the built-in WASAPI audio renderer
— Fixed freeze problem when outputting certain SSA subtitles

Download PotPlayer 1.6.63872 Beta

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One Response to “PotPlayer 1.6.63872 Beta”

  1. Shadow Says:

    Hi, there is a small issue with cue playlists refer to one long audio file that contains many tracks. I don’t know since what version.
    Every time one track will repeat (if enabled), the time from that track will increase by about 1 second. so if i repeat one track 10 times, it’s 10 seconds longer and so on. Until i switch to another track or reload it with a dobble click on the playlist than it have the original time again.

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