PotPlayer 1.6.59347 — x86/x64 Stable

What’s new in 1.6.59347:

— Fixed a security problem (remediation of damaged file vulnerability)
— Added touch feature for default skin
— Added the ability to scale image caption
— PotPlayer 1.6.58613, PotPlayer 1.6.58613, daum potplayer, potplayer, x86/x64 StableAdded vertical options on left side of navigator UI
– Fixed an issue that playlist items can’t be sorted by folder
– Fixed an issue that can’t parse YouTube playlist
– Fixed an issue that can’t play HLS VOD streams
– Fixed an issue that autoplay didn’t work in Windows 10
– Fixed sync issue of built-in DirectSound Audio Renderer
– Fixed an issue that can’t navigate in playlists from certain FTP servers
– Fixed an issue while capturing broadcasting video under certain conditions
– Fixed an issue that can’t play next one with read-only MP3 files
– Fixed an issue that snapped to edge/window in Windows 10 or newer
– Improved ability to handle character set automatically while opening text
– Fixed an issue that caused an error at the end of playback under certain conditions
– Fixed flickering problem of certain animated ASS/SSA subtitles

Download PotPlayer 1.6.59347

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6 Responses to “PotPlayer 1.6.59347 — x86/x64 Stable”

  1. Sergey Says:

    Thank Yuo

  2. Sergey Says:

    Thank You

  3. Michel Says:

    For several weeks (Months?) unable to register to the forum and to help others because confirmation code doesn’t show up.
    Email ahahalive@daum.net to contact the board admin doesn’t exist anymore. Other email found on the site remain silent!
    After contacting the designer, Florian Gareis, he says that he was also unable to contact the administrator… and replied: “they use a very outdated version of the theme. If we can’t reach them in any way and they update it, there is nothing I can do”.
    My conclusion: PotP and KMP, same programmer… same phylosophy… fend for yourself

  4. zahra Says:

    thanks extremely for great program and god bless you for providing this and sharing it completely freeware without any addware!

  5. RC Says:

    Potplayer 32 or 64 bit not working for Windows 10. Sonmetimes it works. Sometimes not.

    PotPlayer has stopped working A problem caused prog to stop working correctly. No shit thanks for telling me. I’ve had to go to other players. So sick of fooling with it.

  6. RC Says:

    What the fuck. You provide link to PotPlayer 1.6.59347

    I go there and it says:

    On this page you have opportunity to download the last Daum PotPlayer versions for 32-and 64-bit Windows operating systems, and also russifiers to them.

    The last failed to complete versions of record player of Potplayer do not take place here. Only stable, tested releases.

    download_potplayerDaum PotPlayer 1.6.60136 for 32-bit Windows
    Download Daum PotPlayer 32-bit (18.4 MB)

    download_potplayerDaum PotPlayer 1.6.60136 for 64-bit Windows
    Download Daum PotPlayer 64-bit (19.1 MB)

    download_potplayerBeta version:
    Daum PotPlayer 1.6.60006 Beta for Windows (18.7 MB)

    what the fuck. Get it the fuck together.

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