PotPlayer 1.6.52315 Beta

What’s new in PotPlayer 1.6.52315 Beta:

— Added the ability to record videos in GIF format
— Added the ability to parse EPG data from ATSC HDTV signals
— Fixed an issue that can’t play videos from Daum’s cloud server
— Fixed video corruption problem when decoding certain files with DXVA on Intel VGAs
— Fixed strange color problem when images are captured in JPEG/PNG format
— Fixed a problem that the volume level can’t be adjusted when wave volume control is used in Vista or newer
— Fixed an issue where the Alt key triggers window’s system menu and takes away the focus from the program
— Added Swedish translation
— Added an option to apply broadcast effect to on-air broadcasts only
— Added a function at program startup to determine whether the PotPlayer.dll is touched or not
— Added the ability to capture screen via DirectDraw API
— Added support for NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit
— Added 3D output support into Built-in OpenGL Video Renderer
— Added support for Closed Captioning
— Improved performance of Intel QuickSync Decoder
— Fixed a problem that can’t open 8-bit PNG files
— Improved performance of Screen Capture via DXGI 1.2 API
— Changed loading method of external .dpl playlist files as a temporary new album for editing directly
— Changed default fallback language to English for untranslated strings
— Improved playback of downloading files
— Improved Built-in OpenGL Renderer
— Fixed an issue where DVD menu did not work with Built OpenGL/Direct3D9 Video Renderers
— Added the ability to set reception type of BDA devices
— Added the ability to add/edit frequency list for BDA devices
— Added OpenH264 encoder
— *Added the ability to auto detect & switch between subtitle modes (based on filename suffixes)
— Fixed sync problem with certain MP4 files
— Improved thumbnail view of playlist items

Download PotPlayer 1.6.52315 Beta

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3 Responses to “PotPlayer 1.6.52315 Beta”

  1. Kira Says:

    this Beta cannot be installed, there is an error message that says Error in the “installer integrity check”. Download is also not the 12.MB its only 8.1. I Try to download with different programs but each program with exactly same result.

  2. admin Says:

    fixed, thx

  3. David Tengo Says:

    I have search all over the website for an English vesion
    instead of a Korean version. Can you lead me to the English

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