PotPlayer 1.6.49343 — x86/x64 Stable

What’s new in PotPlayer 1.6.49343:

– x86/x64 Stable

— Added the ability to auto reload subtitles on file changes
— Added YouTube support
— Added the ability to record HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) streams
— Improved reload subtitle function

Download PotPlayer 1.6.49343 


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6 Responses to “PotPlayer 1.6.49343 — x86/x64 Stable”

  1. dosfox Says:

    Thank you!

  2. Ali Says:

    I select English Language for installation, but installed korean language!
    I dont know korean and now I cannot change language.
    How change language?
    please help me.

  3. Foysal Says:

    Press shift+L together you will see language options…select your language.

  4. anas Says:

    my brother Foysal you are great …..i love you ….it worked …my pot player was in Russian language and cant understand anything of option

  5. raymond Says:

    thank for the post Foysal!!!… now it change to english…

  6. wally Says:

    great !!! thank you Foysal

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