What’s new in PotPlayer 1.5.38118 Beta:

– Fixed an issue that can not play certain MPEG TS files
– Fixed a problem with ruby tags
– Fixed an issue that play the next track (after the current one finishes) and visualization functions does not work when visualization is used without audio processing filter
– Added the ability to remove nonexistent items in history of recent files (Right click > Album/Favorites menu if “show history of recent files in fav menu” option is enabled!)
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What’s new in PotPlayer 1.5.37776:

– Added the ability to calibrate rotation when playing .MOV files
– Added the ability to set an alternative font for Japanese and Chinese characters (In English Windows only)
– Added PCM/AC3/DTS audio processing support for WDM devices
– Increased bitrate of personel broadcasting up to 4M
– Added personal broadcasting advertisement
– Fixed some broadcasting problems in certain situations
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